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You have nothing to lose, but your whole life to gain.

Welcome to Balance Your Body Naturally, where it is our mission to help you find your body's balance, naturally. We are proud to be a Canadian Company, located in British Columbia. We specialize in balancing your hormones naturally, boosting the immune system naturally and we are also carry a full line of all natural anti-aging products that actually reverse the signs of aging.

Finding natural progesterone cream in Canada is not easy, especially if your doctor will not prescribe it. If you are looking for progesterone cream in Canada or bioidentical progesterone cream in Canada, you’ve come to the right place! Kokoro progesterone cream is an amazing product... there are no artificial ingredients or fillers and most importantly, no petroleum based ingredients that will block the progesterone from going into your blood stream (this is important). If you are from out of Canada, please click here to visit Kokoro.

My name is Leta and I am the proud owner of Balance Your Body Naturally. Let me start by saying that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs to help bring your body back into balance. Through personal experience, I have gained knowledge in the area of balancing my hormones and making my immune system so strong that I no longer have allergies... both were done very simply. lt's not complicated when you use the right products.

I had been to so many doctors for my heavy periods, fibroids, PMS and fibrocystic (lumpy) breasts (l had a lot more issues than those but I might run out of room here), but all my specialist would do was give me birth control pills (which worked for 5 months and then it was 5Ox worse) and then suggested a hysterectomy... I was 33! Those were the best answers they could come up with! I literally walked out of my specialist's office and vowed never to return.

I didn't fare much better with my horrendous allergies... pets, spring, dust... it was horrible. Again, I was told by my GP 'take an allergy pill once a day'... really? This was honestly the best they could do? There had to be another way... a natural way. A way that was not complicated and that actually WORKED. A way to put my body into balance without using pharmaceutical drugs.

I believe there is always an answer and I was going to figure this out myself... read more

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